The Company has been in the marble sector since year 1996. The Company changed her name and continues under D Mermer Brand Name

D Mermer has a experience over a quarter century in marble sector both block and cut-in size marble. D Mermer has 12 quarries in Diyarbakır Hani and Kocaköy Sub-Provinces, sell marble block to all over the World.

Our Factory located in Diyarbakır Lice Sub-Province, having 170,000 m² open and 7.000 m² indoor closed area. The factory has a production capacity of 30,000 m² per month

Factory Area

170.000 m² open and 7.000 m² closed area

Production Capacity

50,000 tonnes per month from 12 Quarries

Export to allover of the World

Blok marble Export to the Turkey and the World Market

Experience Over Quarter Century